Returning traveller examinations

If, after a longer stay in tropical regions, complaints occur that are related to the stay in the tropics, a so-called traveller’s examination is useful.
Within the framework of the traveller’s examination, a comprehensive clinical diagnosis is carried out if an imported tropical disease is suspected. A qualified parasitological diagnosis is carried out together with the parasitological laboratory of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

Depending on the findings, we can then treat you individually for this disease. Some of these diseases can cause serious consequential damage if left untreated, so correct diagnostics are always important.

Examination and consultation before professional stays in countries with special climatic, hygienic and medical conditions (fitness for the tropics, formerly G35)

Before or after occupational stays in countries with special climatic, hygienic and medical conditions, we carry out occupational medical examinations and draw up a corresponding expert opinion regarding suitability and hazards in the respective country. We can advise you on the special challenges of long-term stays, also together with your family.