Vaccinations serve to protect against certain diseases and can stop diseases that are already rampant or prevent their further spread. In general, we follow the STIKO (permanent vaccination commission) for the recommended vaccinations, which issues recommendations for the respective vaccinations on the basis of examinations. As a rule, these vaccinations are then also covered by the health insurance companies. Beyond this entitlement, which exists for all insured persons, the health insurance funds can cover further vaccinations for their insured persons, especially vaccinations for private trips abroad.

The avoidance of vaccine-preventable diseases has played an important role in preventive medicine not only since Corona.

Regular booster vaccinations after a correct basic immunisation in childhood are becoming increasingly important so that diseases that were already considered eradicated thanks to good vaccination programmes cannot re-establish themselves.

If you are planning a trip, we will be happy to advise you on the necessary travel vaccinations, prophylaxis such as malaria and other important information concerning your trip.