Laboratory diagnostics

We offer you a large number of laboratory tests. Together we will clarify your complaints and then, if necessary, initiate the appropriate laboratory diagnostics for you. In addition, we offer regular check-up examinations that can detect or rule out possible diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid or other organs.
We carry out daily blood, stool and urine tests in the mornings. Our cooperating laboratory is the Laboratory Association on the North Road.

Unless otherwise discussed, blood sampling should be done on an empty stomach, unless you are explicitly informed by us that breakfast is allowed when certain values are taken.

Urine and stool cultures are also sent to the Nordstrasse laboratory and, if necessary, forwarded to specialised laboratories if special tests are required.
For patients with statutory health insurance, the health insurance company offers a health check-up from the age of 35, which can be carried out every 3 years. This includes the determination of glucose (blood sugar), cholesterol, urine diagnostics as well as a one-off screening for hepatitis B or C.

We are happy to offer you further blood tests as part of an individual health service (IGEL) with your desired values in order to be able to detect any further changes at an early stage even without existing complaints.

For those with private health insurance, various health services are included depending on the tariff of your private insurance.

After receiving all the values, we will discuss the findings together.