Internal medicine care by a general practitioner

We offer you internal medical care close to home, which includes preventive approaches such as avoidance of hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks or strokes, but also risk reduction for already existing diseases by offering you regular consultation hours with specially designed laboratory tests as well as clinical examinations. This also includes the care of patient groups within the framework of the DMP programme (disease management programme) of the statutory health insurance funds for special diseases. Regular, close-meshed care of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or / and CHD improves the medical prognosis, as do regular preventive check-ups and vaccination consultations. As part of internal medicine care, we also offer sonographic diagnostics, ECG and long-term ECG and long-term blood pressure measurements.

For long-term patients who are no longer able to visit the practice due to age or mobility reasons and who live in the vicinity of the practice, we also offer home visits to ensure continued care at this stage of life.

If special medical diagnostics are necessary, we will of course refer you and, if necessary, also take over the communication with the colleagues and coordinate your diagnostics and therapy and accompany you in this.

Often, professional or private life circumstances are more stressful than illnesses, or feign illnesses. We are also happy to discuss this situation with you.